Eitan Eldar – What was the Number of Issues in Israel in 2013?

Eitan Eldar - Stock Market

According to an article published in Globes website, says Eitan Eldar, bond issuance in 2013 totaled 33.8 billion NIS. This is an increase of about 37 percent, in comparison with 2012, then raised 24.6 billion. The bond issuance rate of funding in 2013 was 88.3 percent, 1.7 percent less than in 2012. According to the article, the amount of capital raised in public offerings reached 4.5 billion.

Eitan Eldar points out that the article stated the real estate sector – which had the highest number of issues, 20 billion NIS- was raised to this sector in the past years, compared with 7 billion two years ago. Biomedical industry and technology also stood out, especially when in 2012 there were no issues in this industry.

The bond issue of the aerospace industry was the largest in 2013. This issue amounted to 1.2 billion NIS.

This subject is taken from discussions raised in Eitan Eldar’s lectures in IDC Herzliya.

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