About Eitan Eldar

Eitan Eldar has spent many years in the business world with the focus on building assets in the Israeli capital markets and the Investment Banking sector. His achievementshave earned him the recognition as being a leader in the Israeli business sector. 

Key Achievements and Projects

Throughout his years in business, he has built his skills and expertise in areas such as financial services and he holds a keen interest in real estate projects not just within the borders of Israel but beyond them on an international level. 

His recent focus has been on Investment Banking transactions that were of his own making. He applied his creative talents and expertise to these that brought him great success with structuring the finances of the transactions and placing values on them. 

Eitan Eldar is able to accurately claim that he was a leader of in excess of 1 Billion USD investment banking transactions. 

He has also made his mark in the Tel Aviv Stock exchange through the flotation of companies as well as being involved in prominent acquisitions. His contribution to the TASE has allowed him to network with many major alliances.

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Business Activity of Eitan Eldar

EEH Ventures Ltd.​
BSR Group
Auto Glass Car Windows Ltd.
Inbar Financial A.A. Investments

Current activities - Founder of EEH Ventures Ltd.

EEH Ventures is a British company that is enjoying ongoing growth as a residential investment company. It has earned the reputation for its delivery on high yields and for creating successful investment opportunities. The mandate of the Company is broken into three major sectors comprised of:

  • Investment
  • Development
  • Brokerage

Since its founding in 2013, the company has a full roster that includes the increasing value in high-yield real estate ventures that have the potential to maximize rental returns as well as assets. Development potential is high on the list with an example such as a GDV that comes in between £20 million to £100 million upon completion. 

EEH Ventures takes on a brokerage role with a variety of partners that include EEH partners and those who are classed as private buyers with a high net worth. The company also partners with family offices and institutional funders. Partnership venture includes land purchase and assets within commercial and residential entities. Under the direction of its founder and acting CEO, Mr. Eitan Eldar’s EEH Ventures has enjoyed the success of property investment that exceeds £1.8 Billion as a combined GDV.

Other Business Activities

Mr.Eitan Eldar is still very active in the business world in regards to building his assets and starting new businesses that are thriving.

He holds shareholder positions or controlling interests in the following entities:

  • BSR Group: 26% shareholder interest. This is a highly recognized Israel real estate group.
  • Auto Glass Car Windows Ltd. As acting CEO, he is also a major shareholder. This is a private company that is thriving and has been in operation for approximately 75 years.

Education and Qualifications

Mr. Eitan Eldar is a self-taught business professional that holds a current law degree. His specialty is corporate mergers and acquisitions.His qualifications are based on his experience, expertise and skills that he has developed through his many years of involvement it Investment Banking and The capital markets of Israel.

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