Eitan Eldar: “UK government is encouraging the purchase of properties” | IssueWire

Eitan Eldar - IssueWire
Eitan Eldar - IssueWire

The founder and CEO of EEH Ventures, Eitan Eldar, has rcently shared his opinion, in an article published by IssueWire, on the increase in UK house prices, which came as a reaction to the decision of the Finance Minister to extend the tax cut on a purchased property.

“The government’s policies are in the best interest of the economy. For instance, after the equity threshold needed to get a loan was lowered, then came a higher demand for a home loan and a rise in prices. In my opinion, if the equity threshold needed to get a loan continues to decrease, the demand for loans will increase further and apartment prices will continue to rise, most especially, for apartments that cost less than £ 600,000″, Eldar said.

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