5 Outstanding Sports Teams that were Traded on the Stock Market

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In Israel, it is not customary to publicly trade sports teams and up until now, no team has yet been publicly offered. Elsewhere around the world, there are many large teams that are offered on the stock market and have achieved success there as well. Who are these well-known teams which are offered on the market, and is an investment of this kind worthwhile?

Written by Eitan Eldar

  1. Manchester United (England) – The English team that is crowned again and again as the most popular team in the world, despite the progress of Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is, without doubt, one of the most outstanding teams in the world and is also traded on the stock market. The fluctuations in the stock are influenced by various tournaments, victories, and losses, but in addition to this, they are also influenced by the management’s decisions. 
  2. Roma (Italy) – Another team that is not any less famous, is the Italian Roma. The team that has succeeded in winning a number of championships and has taken part in European League tournaments also brings along with it a sizable audience of stock buyers. Often, the stock makes significant strides and sometimes drops, but one can see that it has also risen tens of percentage points in the past. 
  3. Juventus (Italy) – Another Italian team that is possibly even more successful and famous than Roma, is classified as an especial favorite, and is traded on the stock market, is Juventus. The team had seen much better days a few years back and today it is felt to be experiencing a particularly strong revival. Its fan base is considered faithful and particularly strong, despite the dramatic changes the team experienced. Precisely for this reason, its stock can drop but sometimes jump when sensations occur. 
  4. Dortmund (Germany) – One of the teams worth watching with interest is Dortmund. It is true that in the last final of the Champions League it lost its coveted title to Bayern München, but there is no doubt that it is one of the most famous clubs in the world today, due to the team of big stars that hurled it forward and even beat Real Madrid. Just a few years ago the team had returns of over 100 percentage points on the market and now, as it continues to succeed, it is expected to have an especially bright future. 
  5. Small teams – Often, the teams that are actually small and don’t stand out, are the most profitable and interesting. Such a team, for example, is the Turkish Galatasaray. This team is less popular in the world, but in Turkey, it is a big deal. Precisely for this reason, the team can often even reach increases of 200 percentage points in the value of the stock. 

Eitan Eldar has been a leader in investment banking deals in recent years, and a large portion of these was the result of his own initiatives. His activities incorporated new and creative ideas.

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