508 companies were traded at the end of 2013

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Bizportal website converted attention to the number of companies in the stock exchange in recent years. The data show that at the end of 2013,508 companies were traded in the stock exchange, compared to 540 companies a year ago and 578 companies in the same period two years ago, at the end of 2011.

The information brought by Eitan Eldar Internet Staff

Despite the fact that the number of companies falling, the Derivatives Index climbed 14 percent this year. In addition, an increase in trading volumes in the amount of $1.2 billion per day was specified. This is a significant improvement in comparison with 2012, tells Eitan Eldar.

Raising capital in 2013

The article noted that in 2013 there was a growth of 65 percent in raising capital through shares, compared with 2012. Also, four IPOs were made during the year. In addition, ten new companies, including seven startups (HI-TECH ) put their businesses into shells.

Government raising capital was in decline in 2013, reaching 66 billion, compared with 82 billion last year.

The Activity of businessman Eitan Eldar in the capital market includes consulting IPO and capital raising for companies. This subject was taken from the discussions raised in Eitan Eldar’s lectures in IDC Herzliya.

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