Americans are Streaming money to stock funds

Eitan Eldar - Capital Market Investments

Businessman Eitan Eldar notes that the Bizportal website reports about an onslaught from the public in the United States on shares. According to the article, the leading index on Wall Street is very close to all-time record after the streaming of $13.4 billion to equity funds last week. This is a record of 12 weeks.

The streaming of the largest amounts resulted in a growth of fifty percent of the fund’s holdings. The Americans, according to the report, invests despite the increase in risk – $2.4 billion raised in high-risk bonds. Eitan Eldar explains that according to the article, this is a record of four months.

Meanwhile, the American public is careful of shares and bonds in emerging markets. According to the data, cashed the American public more than two percent in emerging markets in four weeks.

The subject is taken from discussions in Eitan Eldar’s lectures in IDC Herzliya.

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