Over $50 Billion of Exits Over the Past Decade in Israel’s High-Tech

2013′s summaries were made in the financial media last monthes.

One of them relates not only to 2013, but to the last decade. This report gives information about the exits and issues in the high-tech industry in Israel.

The information brought by Eitan Eldar

According to the report, posted in TheMarker website, issues and exits in this industry amounted in $50.4 billion over a decade. In 2013, according to the data, venture-backed exits were highest in the last decade. During the past ten years, 803 technology companies from Israel were merged or sold and 107 issues of technology companies in Israel were made.

105 deals are the reason for the activity, concluded in $100 to $500 million. Eitan Eldar explains that the software industry and enterprise solutions is responsible for $14.8 billion total sales and issues.

According to published data, 35 Israeli technology companies in which venture capital holdings of $4.2 billion, were sold in 2013 – from 80 transactions for sale of Israeli technology companies.

Eitan Eldar – businessman and entrepreneur. This subject is taken from the discussions that arose in Eitan Eldar’s lectures at IDC Herzliya.

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