Eitan Eldar on Pressat: “Best time to invest in UK’s real estate market”

Eitan Eldar: UK Real Estate - Pressat

UK’s residential real estate market is currently one of the best investments to consider according to Eitan Eldar, the CEO & founder of EEH Ventures. Seeing how mortgage applications in the UK have increased immensely to the highest rate in the last 12 years. This surge can be attributed mainly to the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the fact that most people have been forced to work from home.

Eitan Eldar said in an interview on Pressat: “As long as the UK government keeps supporting and encouraging the newly adopted lifestyle of working from home, I believe people will keep purchasing properties. As people can’t go abroad as they want or even go out for pastimes, our home has become for living, working, and leisure”.

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