Capital Market Studies – What do they Include?

If you are interested in the field of capital market, want to make it your own profession and deepen your knowledge in the terms related to the market, capital market studies may be a good option for you. Eitan Eldar explains that the studies include various definitions, options, stocks, bonds, etc. The field is characterized in some profrssions, here are a few of them:

  • Portfolio Management – one of the courses is investment portfolio management. Managers in this field are responsible for the composition of many portfolios and making transactions in it, in order to gain high profits.
  • Marketing – Here, the expert’s profession is to market specific transactions and persuade customers to perform action.
  • Capital market consulting – Eitan Eldar says that one can enroll investment consulting. In this profession, the main role is giving advices on various investments – for example: if one needs to invest in a stock or not.

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